Mutual Core

June 2016

A Full Length First

Atlanta contemporary dance artist Jon Carr's first full length production, Mutual Core came to life in June of 2016 at 7 Stages Theatre in Little Five Points.

Mutual Core's focus was on peeling away labels, biases and designations to re-experience one's origin of self. What happens when all our learned external notions are removed?

Mutual Core revealed the individual journey of realization and resulting existence void of blinders, external limitations or outside judgement. Living in pure action, pure decision and pure choice influenced only by a perfectly balanced derivation of self.

No labels. No curtains. No limits.

Dancers: Ryan Wolf (soloist) Autumn Allen, Jocelyn Allen, Jahrea Brown, Mary Kate Campfield, Lindsey Green, Allison Pohlman, and Jordan Rupp.