"UNION" is a fully immersive opportunity for audience members with theatre-in-the-round seating. Our show was inspired by three words: love, beauty and equality. "UNION" is a call for love and peace in a time when we often fail to recognize the humanity that connects us all. 

"UNION" is a world, like our own, where complex beings cannot exist in a divided state. Dignified existence is achievable only when the inner workings of spirit and body weave together to make one unified entity. We must shed light on the inner beauty that all beings possess and explore, together, how these individual entities clash, cross, intersect, bind and eventually unite in order to create humanity.

In our true form we are bodies, minds, and spirits that join to make one person. How do we as individual people further come together to elevate our collective conscious? We unite. Without division we are whole.

We hope you will join us.