Jon Carr is an Atlanta based dance artist with a passion for creation.

Jon is commonly known for his work in the field of choreography. Pursuing choreography for over ten years, Jon has come to experience the beauty that art has to offer. This path has not only lead to a broad array of encounters with unique artist, but has also offered limitless opportunity for personal growth. Mutual Core(2016), Jon’s first full length show, was cordially received with adoring hands by audience and fellow artist alike. In the fall of 2017, he went on to produce Bouquet, a show offering upcoming contemporary dance choreographers the opportunity to create and perform their work for the Atlanta community. In June of 2018, Jon took on his most challenging project to date, Union. With a cast of 11 Atlanta based dancers, Union emphasized the importance of connectivity and acceptance within our culture. Touching on matters of racial construct, sexuality and individuality, Union explored the question, “What does the world need?”. Ever growing and always learning, Jon plans to continue to create art that questions the mind and heals the heart.